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Fast and safe measurements


Infrared digital thermometer with laser pointer, which exploits the ability of any surface to spontaneously emit infrared radiation. In fact, the infrared sensors of the thermometer are able to convert the incoming infrared radiation into a temperature value expressed in degrees (° C / ° F).


Measurement takes place in one second!

Dual Mode: Body temperature, surfaces and liquids.

Thanks to these features, the infrared thermometer will allow you to measure the temperature of any surface, liquids and obviously the body temperature, with the advantage of remaining distant avoiding contact.

The infrared thermometer is a very simple tool to use, insert the two AAA batteries, just point it towards the patient's forehead at a maximum of 5 cm and press the trigger on the handle. While pressing, the infrared thermometer will emit a laser beam indicating the point of measurement and the temperature will be shown on the display.
The surface temperature will be displayed on the backlit display of the thermometer.

Once the trigger is released, the temperature will remain stored until the next measurement. (keeps up to 50 records in memory)

The display takes on one of the three colors to indicate at a glance whether the temperature is normal (green), if the patient shows a slight fever (yellow) or an important temperature, then full-blown fever (red)

This product can be configured to meet different environmental or individual characteristics. You can:


1) Change the temperature units degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit

2) Fever Warning: You can change the alarm limits for the temperature in 0.1 steps

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