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With ambient saturation
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Produces Ozone
until saturation
Maintains ozone level
It converts Ozone into oxygen
Notify when the area is safe and accessible
All done automatically, remotely controlled via APP, on which a .pdf is generated at the end of the process that certifies the sanitation! (38).png

Environmental saturation with Ozone guaranteed for 20 minutes, effective against CORONAVIRUS!

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Orders processed within 5-7 days
It is not the usual sanitizer
This is a professional product

In a panorama characterized by many improvised offers, WEBBIT offers a professional product , dedicated to the hospital world, full of exclusive features and functions.

Thanks to the particular and exclusive procedure that involves the conversion, at the end of the cycle, of ozone into oxygen , it is the only sanitizer on the market that guarantees correct air quality and protects the person.

Having to saturate the air present in the area of
application it is necessary, for correct operation, to close the room and stop, during the process, air conditioning or air recirculation.

The action of our environmentally saturated ozone generator is effective because it inactivates 99.98% of viruses, bacteria, germs, molds and other pathogens.
It destroys all biological compounds and, above all, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that cause odors.

It is handy (5kg) and easy to carry, it can be purchased with a comfortable trolley. The operator just needs to position the device, make sure the room is free of air conditioning or recirculation and operate the fully automated process from the APP.

  • Remove unwanted odors

  • Killing mold, bacteria and viruses

  • Sterilize equipment and systems

  • Disinfects rooms up to 50 m22


The complete procedure takes an average of 60 minutes.

* cockpit 30 minutes

But it is the safest and most complete process: sanitation with environmental saturation. Every corner of the room will be properly sanitized.


The ozone treatment in Italy has been recognized by the Ministry of Health with prot. No. 24482 of 31 July 1996 and with cnsa of 27 October 2010. Furthermore, it simplifies the achievement of the emas-iso 14001 and iso14000 certifications and observes the haccp-l155 / 2007 food hygiene regulations


Ozone is not flammable, explosive or toxic.

It is certified as a natural product and the device returns at the end of the treatment a particularly pure air quality: at the end of the process the room will be SAFE because the O3 will be converted back into O2


It works without the use of chemical additives and without releasing polluting substances for the environment or harmful to humans.

The APP that makes the difference
This is a professional product

Our ozonator can operate "stand alone" or combined with a diagnostic system in APP with relative interface.

It can be activated directly from outside the room or vehicle via the free APP, and provides for the sanitization in a fully automated manner.

The operator will not have to worry about anything, thanks to its ozone, humidity and temperature sensors it autonomously provides the correct saturation level . When the green light appears on the display or the appropriate indication on the APP, the area will be safe and accessible , without any further operation.

3 phases for maximum sanitation
On average it takes about 60 minutes.

In the first phase it transforms the oxygen (O2) present in the air into ozone (O3) and diffuses it in a precise, controlled and uniform way (not through a simple timer). This phase
it is made more effective and safe thanks to a filter placed on the suction side and aimed at preventing the passage of dust towards the ozone generator.

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Holding time to kill viruses

Time taken for the transformation of ozone into oxygen

Saturation prescribed to kill viruses

Webbit solution

Classic Ozonator with timer


Real disinfection phase, during which the microprocessor, on the basis of the data provided by its sensors, maintains the ideal amount of ozone and determines the necessary permanence to proceed with the elimination of molds, fungi, viruses and bacteria, as required by surgical medical standards.


Reverse cycle of transformation of residual ozone into oxygen through a catalyst. Ozone, in high concentrations, is in fact a harmful gas, and it is essential to ensure a residual concentration that is not harmful to humans.

come lavora airsan no logo.PNG

Guaranteed air quality at the end of the process! Furthermore, a standardized sanitization PDF is generated.


O3 generation capacity: More than 10 gr / h
O3 generation chamber: Borosilicate glass
Type of operation: Fully automatic with controlled saturation
Sensors: Ozone, Temperature, Humidity
Treatment inlet air filter: Dust Filter
Transformation O3 -> O2: Activated carbon filter
Noise: <50 dB
Cabinet construction: Stainless steel
Power: Max 80W (Modulated power for optimal saturation)

Fan air flow volume: 210 m3 / h each.
Dimensions: 370 x 252 x 192 mm
Weight: 5.7 Kg
Power supply: 120-240V and 12V for ambulances and medical cars
Remote control: Via APP (Apple Store / Google Play Store) or IDC5 (AXONE Nemo)
Status indicators: 2 LEDs
Bluetooth: Standard
Warranty: 2 years
Compliance with ministerial regulations : Prot. N.24482 31/07/1996 and CNSA 27/10/2010

Consumables (monitored by the application):
Air filter (guaranteed 500 cycles)
Activated Carbon Filter (guaranteed 500 cycles)
Ozone sensor (every 3 years)
Ozone generator (every 3 years)




• University of Naples "Federico II"
in vitro evidence of the inactivating power of nascent oxygen towards pathogenic enterobacteria and absence of genetic mutations

• University of Udine - Department of Food Sciences prot. 219/94
decontamination test on flat surfaces of equipment used for salmonella meat processing - listerie

• University of Parma - Institute of Microbiology

tests to verify the sterilizing capacity on bacterial colonies and s.aureus coli - ps.aeruginosa - str duranS

• Ministry of Health Istituto Superiore di Sanità - Department of Veterinary Nutrition and Nutrition, deposited protocols certifications, protocol 24482 31/07/96

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