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           with reusable head support


Available and ready for delivery!

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Maximum safety, maximum comfort!

"90% of our satisfied customers are medical professionals who understand the value of a protective product worn for several hours a day!" Webbit Shop Online Manager

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For all activities in contact with the public it is essential to protect yourself.

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The objective of the protective visor is to ensure maximum protection during work, especially if the operator needs to protect himself from organic or chemical material, during particular tasks or while treating potentially infected patients.

Maximum safety, maximum comfort!

Our polycarbonate visor is very light and can be used easily even with your own prescription glasses or magnifying glasses, thanks to the curvature of the screen that leaves ample space also useful for breathing well without fogging the visor. In the upper part it is equipped with an adjustable flap to facilitate air exchange. The transparent visor can be folded down.

Our TETI visor, an Italian quality product

The TETI mask, Protective Mask, is EN166 certified against splashes, sprays, and flying particles.

Lightweight, maximum comfort.
The TETI protective mask is equipped with:

- REUSABLE head support

- visor with adjustable ventilation flap

- transparent protective screen

Accessories compatible with the TETI protective mask:

- PVAC001 protective screens (in kit of 5 screens)


Visiera TETI retro man.jpg
Visiera TETI indossata man.jpg
Visiera con ffp2.png

They are produced in Italy, CE certified as PPE and registered in the Ministry of Health CND repertory: T0399 - RDM: 214782

Prices Visors TETI

  • For quantities over 10 pieces Teti Visors are available for delivery

  • in 7-10 days at most (up to 800-1000 pieces) .

  • Shipping throughout Italy from our warehouse.

  • and order confirmations must be reported to the address

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Product Options

* The prices in the shop may be different from the list below in relation to the active offers!

Code: PV001 - TETI protective visor (reusable) complete with 1 rigid screen .

Mounted on elastic head straps with simple adjustable strap with a CE EN166 certified rigid shield.

Unit price list: € 38.00 / each. + VAT (Minimum purchase 2 pieces)

Code: PVAC001 - Set of 5 replacement rigid screens for TETI List unit price: € 30.00 / set. + VAT

Code: KIT1TETI5R - KIT 1 Teti visor + Set of 5 replacement rigid screens Unit price list: € 68.00 / set. + VAT

Code: KIT1TETI10R - KIT 1 Teti visor + Set of 10 replacement rigid screens Unit price list: € 90.00 / set. + VAT

Code: KIT2TETI5R - KIT 2 Teti Visors + Set of 5 replacement rigid screens Unit price list: € 99.00 / set. + VAT

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