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Webbit services

Quick Technical Assistance on devices of various brands,



at affordable prices.

It is a young project but one that winks at the future.

The demographic transformation, the aging of the population and the growing number of chronic diseases and the ongoing health emergency suggest the importance in the evolution and approach to diagnostics  autonomously at home and remote assistance, especially locally.

Our tools offer the possibility to comfortably transfer information and objective medical data, directly from home from your smartphone.

The patient can now play an active role: recording an event or symptom can change the diagnosis!

In recent years, the pharmacy has been a point of reference for the community and must select suitable devices to guarantee a new and important diagnostic and telemedicine approach. Webbit Srl, hospital distributor and your supplier, offers pharmacies an innovative line for autonomous diagnosis; through the use of hospital-grade devices equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and a specific application for smartphones (IOS and Android) it is possible to share and communicate diagnostic data to your doctor or a relative directly from your home (telemedicine)

Here is the Geo localization of the pharmacies that promote our devices for Telemedicine.

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