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This is the page dedicated to our best customers!

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to get the thermometer for only € 39.00

Fast and safe measurements


Infrared digital thermometer with laser pointer, which exploits the ability of any surface to spontaneously emit infrared radiation. In fact, the infrared sensors of the thermometer are able to convert the incoming infrared radiation into a temperature value expressed in degrees (° C / ° F).

Measurement takes place in one second!

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Non-contact temperature measurement
The no-touch technology guarantees reliable readings without spreading germs! Test multiple family members at the same time without worry.

Fast, safe and 100% accurate
The thermometer can accurately analyze a person's temperature in less than 1 second.
  The color alarm instantly warns you if your body temperature is normal, mild fever or high fever! No more guessing!

Extremely easy to use even for beginners
It has three physical buttons on the side. You can easily use them to control the device. And because of the green-yellow-red display, you can tell right away if your temperature (or someone else's) is in the normal range. It's like having a doctor in your pocket.

It tracks changes in temperature
With these 3 buttons you can let the thermometer memorize the temperature of the person you are monitoring. You can also use them to read the history of their body temperatures. This is extremely helpful in case a doctor wishes to know.


Ideal for measuring the temperature of children
You will never have to wake your baby up with an uncomfortable thermometer again! You
  allows you to measure their temperature while they sleep! Hold the device over your baby's head and the infrared sensor will automatically detect their temperature.

Measure the temperature of rooms and objects
It can be used to measure body temperature, but also the temperature of
  liquids or electronic devices. Check the temperature of rooms and household items!

Plus, traditional thermometers are error prone and take up to 5 minutes to work! Our e delivers 100% accurate results in less than a second!

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