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Table Multiparameters
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The best measurement companion.

With Anti-Motion Technology for measurements in difficult conditions and also in a version compatible with "Nellcor Oximax" probes

The SpotLife Multiparameter Monitor  it is designed for frontline workers in emergency, peri-operative care and intensive care / neonatology wards.


Accurate in the oximetry measurement of both adults and children, it provides continuous and precise monitoring of SpO2 and heart rate even in the case of low perfusion.


SpotLife  it is available in different con fi gurations, with SpO2 SpO2 and pressure (NIBP) in the two versions SpO2 and EtCO2 in Mainstream or Sidestream mode and can have optional rapid temperature monitoring.

The handle and lightness make it easy to transport while the 4 stable feet allow it to be used as a desktop monitor. Despite the affordable cost, it remains a complete device for multiple applications and environments.

What sets them apart?

Different display modes selectable:

- numbers only, showing parameter values    

- figures and graphs, showing in real time      

- plethysmogram and capnogram / NIBP  (according to the model)   

- numbers, graphs and curves, displayed in addition to the data history.


Technical features:

  • Bright 5 "color TFT LCD display for better readability of all parameters Intuitive user interface

  • 9 LED indicators to easily check patient type, unit, charge and alarm status WiFi connectivity to interface with central monitoring system or mobile device (TBD option)

  • USB port to facilitate software updates  with new functions

  • New patient pre-settings that allow you to set all alarm limits based on patient type (Adult, Child, Newborn) at once.

  • 360-degree visible and audible alarms

  • Over 72h trend data can be recorded with a resolution of 1min

  • Integrated power supply and 2400 mAh lithium battery for approximately 6 hours of continuous monitoring Bluetooth connectivity for wireless data printing

  • On-demand extension port for custom protocols, raw data production for research, and other connectivity devices

Discover the three models

SPLF-OX SpotLife SPO2.jpg



SPLF-NP SpotLife SPO2+NIBP.jpg



SPLF-MC-SC SpotLife SPO2+CO2.jpg

SpO2 + Mainstream CO2 (SPLF-MC)


SpO2 + Sidestream CO2 (SPLF-SE)

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