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The most effective barrier against infections

One of the most important aspects of the hospital environment is infection control. It is an important factor in evaluating a hospital's performance.


Any improvements in infection control can cause an immediate increase in the number of lives saved.

If the risk of infection is reduced, patients' quality of life is improved.

Harrier tents should become an integral part of every hospital's infection control strategy.

The characteristics of HARRIER blinds

The HARRIER bed division system, product  leader in the Infection Control sector, it is composed of an aluminum structure made to measure to meet the needs of the customer and the place of installation. The structure, installed on the ceiling, makes it possible to have no clutter and to easily sanitize patient stations without obstructions.
The tents, with unique features on the market, are made of 100% recyclable Polypropylene. The fireproof and water repellent fabric is pre-treated with BIOSAFE certified Antibacterial and Endocidal formula. The tests carried out show that the fabric has a strong antimicrobiotic and fungicidal efficacy

Improvement of the quality of life of patients and staff

The risks of using conventional curtains are different.

1  The tent becomes contaminated again in less than a week

2  The organization of washing cycles on time and with dedicated staff

The fabric that goes through many washing cycles is worn out


Thanks to the EASY REMOVAL mechanism, the curtains can be replaced easily and quickly to ensure continuous antibacterial protection. This allows the structure that uses them to save on costs and washing times of conventional curtains.
Furthermore, the HARRIER bed division system can be integrated with a structure capable of supporting any suspended instrumentation (eg. Multiparameter Monitors) so as to avoid further encumbrances and allow an extensive sanitation of the environment without obstacles, favoring the activity of the operators around the patient.

Sterility is guaranteed for 6 months, even around the tent

The antimicrobial action of Harrier tents is guaranteed for 6 months. After the term they are replaced with new ones for another 6 months of protection. 

The system, thanks to its characteristics, allows to create an inhibition area around the patient to minimize the risk of cross-contamination between neighboring patients and hospital staff.

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In 2 minutes we explain why it is convenient to use our tents

Protect patients and your operators immediately.

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