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CPAP, BiPAP and NIV Home Ventilation Mask

CPAP, BiPAP and NIV Home Ventilation Mask

€210.00 Regular Price
€176.40Sale Price

5% VAT included

Hans Rudolph reusable V2 7600 masks,  I'm  made of soft silicone, very comfortable,  available in 5 sizes compared to the 3 sizes of all other masks on the market  allow  better adaptability to the patient's face by reducing possible leaks (vents).  In the hospital setting they can be sterilized in an autoclave, each mask can be reused from 25 to 50 times. 

With corner fitting  adjustable 22 OD and inlet for any oxygen in addition to the mask holder included.

All spare parts are available in case of loss or breakage.

In the home environment they last more than 6 months with dishwasher washing to better sanitize them.

They allow the use of eyeglasses because  they have no support on the forehead unlike many other masks.  A noticeable improvement for  everyday life of the  patients.

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