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Pocket Doctor

Portable all-in-one multi-parameter monitor

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Orders processed within 5-7 days
Pocket Doctor
Versatile, professional, portable

All-in-one, smart and pocket-sized solution for family healthcare and remote clinical monitoring.

For the doctor, the nurse and the patient at home ... and for those who want to monitor their health.

Pocket Doctor can play an active role in telemedicine.

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Your daily assistance

9 devices in your pocket.

Multi-parameter mini monitor
Infrared thermometer
Pulse oximeter
Pressure Monitor (NIBP)
Calendar and reminder
ECG monitor
Sleep apnea screening
Holter function
Touch screen

2.7 "HD touch screen




Less than 80g.  

17 x 12 x 7.5 cm



FDA and CE approved. Valid and accurate sensors in measurement. Smart algorithm for recognizing artifacts.

Multi user


Ability to create 12 accounts within the device!



Trend of all values for a diagnosis over a wide range of time



Built-in rechargeable battery for many hours of use

App for iOS / Android


For saving, consulting and sending data and trends.

Pc Software for detailed analysis

All-in-one service solution for you
and for your family, from a distance

Pocket Doctor monitors your clinical situation. Simple operation and detailed report, provide

ultra-easy self-measurement, even at home for you and your loved ones.

Pocket Doctor offers security and peace of mind. It also provides important data for your doctor's evaluation.

It is an FDA approved device also perfect for inpatient, outpatient and telemedicine facilities .

Contactless thermometer
built-in infrared

With the built-in infrared temperature sensor, you can measure your body temperature in just 3 seconds, from a distance

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Professional pulse oximeter
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Pocket Doctor is also a pocket pulse oximeter.

It detects SpO2 (oxygen saturation), PR (pulse rate) and PI (perfusion index), thanks to the built-in SpO2 sensor.

The mobile APP allows you to examine in detail all the recorded data.

Continuous SpO2 monitoring for up to 10 hours!

With the comfortable wrist strap, protective cover and SpO2 probe cable, you can monitor, record and track your SpO2 and heart rate overnight for up to 10 hours.

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Smartphone APPs and PC software allow you to review all recorded SpO2 and heart rate data in detail.

It is especially indicated for the monitoring of therapies administered for nocturnal hypoxemia, OSA (obstructive sleep apnea), COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and pneumonia.

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Detailed, exportable and shareable reports
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Data review
ECG monitor, light and accurate.
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  • Professional ECG function provides measurement of heart rate, QRS duration, ST segment, QT / QTC interval and rhythm analysis, with professional precision.

  • Test duration: 30 or 60 seconds, with waveform playback even offline.

  • The integrated sensor, external ECG cable, and electrodes provide cordless or corded operation.

  • The fast wireless ECG function makes measurement easier and faster, wherever you are.

  • * QT / QTC can help manage medications that can induce QT prolongation.

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ECG Holter Monitor

Provides continuous ECG monitoring, tracking and recording for up to 24 hours. 

The easy-to-wear device is much more comfortable and convenient especially for those who have to wear it at home.

* Lead options: LEAD II, CC5, CM5, user defined.

Detailed waveforms

With the dedicated PC software, you can check the waveform and detailed ECG reports including HR (heart rate), rhythm and HRV (heart rate variability).

With cable and cable free
Print and save reports in PDF format
holter 2.PNG
Reports exportable in PDF
500 Hz sampling rate
View all detailed review reports
Compatible with the MyBP-BT unit for non-invasive blood pressure measurement

Pocket Doctor is compatible with the device  wireless for blood pressure MyBP-BT with connection via Bluetooth. 

In this way the device provides us with all the BP data included  SYS  (systolic),  DIA  (diastolic) e  PR  ( heart rate ).

Measuring is easy, just follow the on-screen audio guide!

Portable Assistant
Smart algorithm
It also works without CheckMe, by connecting it to the APP
Data review
Detailed reports that can be exported and shared

In Mini Monitor mode, ECG and oxygen saturation can be monitored simultaneously via the multi-parameter splitter.

Live data is displayed on the mobile APP when connected via Bluetooth.

For clinical use, Pocket Doctor provides continuous patient monitoring.

During the measurement it is however possible to do other operations: it is Multitasking!

Also available in this case detailed and exportable reports.













With smartphone and PC you have access to  many possibilities
data management

Simply through  APP, or PC  software

with Bluetooth connection or USB cable.

smart system.PNG

With Pocket Doctor, it has never been easier to get a first diagnosis

of the doctor at home via telephone / video call or e-mail.

Thanks to your smart device and via your PC, you choose how to share your data with your doctor

You can get detailed PDF reports.  


An all-in-one smart device for measuring vital signs in discharged patients

Weenk, M., van Goor, H., van Acht, M., Engelen, LJ, van de Belt, TH and Bredie, SJ (2018). A smart all-in-one device for measuring vital signs in admitted patients. PloS one, 13 (2), p.e0190138.

This study demonstrates that patients in a hospital or outpatient setting are able to measure their vital signs easily and accurately on their own, with accuracy comparable to or even potentially better than current nurse measurements.

Pro Doctor offers patients  a broader view of their health situation. The nurse, for example, can save time and record data digitally instead of transcribing by hand. 

Even following the patient at home will become easier and more direct: the doctor will be able to carry out a first remote screening!

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