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Protection from germs and microbes that does not degrade over time!


Webbit promotes the only range of antimicrobial , medical plastic computers designed for a variety of applications.

Fanless designs, hot swap battery options and touchscreen models are available. All of our PCs are medically certified and have UL / IEC 60601-1 certification for use near the patient.

They have an IP65 rating, which means they are sealed and waterproof, easy to clean and disinfect.

First, to be a medical PC, the computer must be UL / IEC60601-1 certified. This is an international standard for electromagnetic and radiation emissions that determine whether or not an electronic device is safe for use near the patient. If a manufacturer is unable to provide documentation proving that their devices have passed this certification process, their devices are not medical grade.


IP65 certification is another important factor. This is also an international standard that measures the degree of protection of the body entrances. In basic terminology, IP65 determines whether or not a computer is protected from the penetration of liquids and dust, protecting internal components from damage. This is especially important in healthcare settings where disinfection and cleaning are not only common but mandatory.


Ergonomic compatibility is achieved through legacy ports, VESA mounting holes, advanced customization of hardware and software components, and integrated peripherals. There are several accessories that make the tablet usable for every need.



Cybermed units are antimicrobial. While some manufacturers apply an antimicrobial coating at the end of the manufacturing process, our medical units have antimicrobial properties infused directly into the resin during the manufacturing process. This is important because the coatings will degrade over time, while a unit that has antimicrobial properties directly in the housing will never degrade.


They are available in different shapes and sizes and their characteristics are adapted to specific applications.

Computer with removable batteries for medical trolley - These computers have hot swap batteries for continuous use of the device. When the batteries are low, they can be replaced with a fully charged battery without shutting down the unit, allowing for a runup time of nearly 24 hours. These computers can also power peripherals such as barcode scanners and printers, making them ideal for nurse carts and for getting around.

The batteries weigh only 400 grams !!


Fanless Medical Computers - These systems use a combination of low power consumption components, a reduction in moving parts and heat sinks to provide fanless cooling. This is especially important in sterile environments such as operating rooms and laboratories, where fans can blow out dust, germs and microbes.

Cybernet's medical computers have a failure rate of less than 2%. This is because we use industrial grade components and have designed all of our medical grade PCs specifically for the healthcare industry. By improving reliability and reducing maintenance and replacement costs, a medical-grade computer also translates into better ROI over time.

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