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Many viral infections  they are transmitted through the mucous membranes and in particular those of the eyes.


  Our proposal for virus prevention and protection, in this moment of COVID emergency:




Prompt delivery

Devices to protect the eyes and face are used, in every situation, by doctors and health personnel in general.

But this does not preclude, in this prolonged emergency situation, that they are also used in our daily life .

We thus protect our eyes from liquid or gaseous substances, saliva particles, solid substances,  virus.


Our model is ergonomic  with a wraparound panoramic structure , comfortable thanks to the silicone rubber inserts and light .


It has a lateral projection to better protect the entire peripheral area around the eye.

Resistant , thanks to the polycarbonate frame .

It offers remarkable optical clarity thanks to the transparent lenses , avoiding glare and / or color distortion.


The filter offered is EN 170 2C - 1.2.

The lenses are anti-scratch and anti-fog , also available in yellow also useful for evening driving.



  • Matt black / orange polycarbonate frame: FT

  • Lenses with anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment: 1 FT

  • Enveloping panoramic structure

  • Silicone rubber inserts

  • Lenses: transparent (also available in yellow)

  • Lens filter: EN 170 2C - 1.2

  • Color: orange, black

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