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FFP2 / KN95 MASKS   

Safeguard your health and that of others                     


Ease of use and maximum comfort for your daily protection

With the advent of  COVID19, PPE like masks  of individual protection have become  devices  from  basic  importance. 

Indispensable in everyday life to safeguard the health of  loved ones and  even that of friends and  colleagues.

We only promote certified products

Our KN95 face mask  it's a mask  with FFP2 level protection.

It is validated  INAIL can be used as a personal protective equipment (PPE) with CE certification,  an " approved and safe " protection device in every respect.


It is possible to visit the INAIL website (web portal to verify the validation of the PPE by looking for the product code, detecting it  come on  INAIL compliance and validation documents. 

Difference between FFP2 or KN95?

See in the section below  the study published by 3M world leader in the sector!

Always choose   masks with certification, find ours at the bottom  on this page in the certificates and documents section  (click here)

The FFP2 / KN95 masks guarantee  our health and that of others

Their protection class guarantees a filtering of 95% , they are consequently between  the best on the market.

It's a mask  "intelligent" because, unlike those with valve, it is able to guarantee protection in both directions, protecting us and others . For example, surgical masks defend others but do not defend those who wear them.

We guarantee the quality

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Materials and PPE subjected to in-depth tests, We offer tools that comply with the latest regulations in terms of quality and safety, through continuous monitoring  of our suppliers.

Usually working with hospitals, we only supply devices and tools  approved and certified.

Certifications and documents
Cetificazioni ffp2
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