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Your personal ECG monitor, with or without Bluetooth


Whenever you want and wherever you are, it detects your ECG with an intelligent algorithmic system that eliminates artifacts and generates a clean and searchable trace.

Orders processed within 5-7 days
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MINI ECG  Pulse Bluetooth
ECG Mini
Main features

- Artifact-free ECG with cable and reusable sensor clips
  -It is possible to take the ECG without cables, placing the sensor of the device on the palm of the hand
- Wireless functionality for data export
- 5 measurement modes
- Recording duration 30s / 60s / 5m
- Reports that can be consulted and exported via App & PC Software
- Small in size, built-in memory, touch screen with graphical guidance

* Note: The interpretation of the ECG should be left to the physician if you have a pacemaker.

Different measurement modes to meet your personal needs

It offers a precise and reliable measurement even in cable-free modes. If you want a flawless trace to be able to share with your doctor, use cables for an artifact-free signal.

Choose from various recording times: 30s / 60s / 5m

The external cable guarantees you the best measurement result

It is difficult to get an ECG  high quality if your hands are shaking  or the skin is too dry. With the external cable, it is possible to obtain ECG free from interferences and / or artifacts.

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A valid and professional analysis

Thanks to your portable ECG it will be easy to recognize:

  • Arrhythmias

  • Anomalies of beat

  • Atrial fibrillation

  • Tachycardia and bradycardia

  • Premature ventricular contraction (PVC)

* NB The legend for these anomalies are reported as "irregular heartbeat". To be submitted to your doctor for a thorough interpretation

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Manage your ECG exams directly on your smartphone

The saving is to use the memory of your phone via APP. Potentially, infinite traces can be recorded.

View and share your reports anytime, anywhere via message, email, etc.


The dedicated APP is clear and intuitive.

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You can use the dedicated PC software to view more information and share it with your doctor

Take advantage of your PC's disk space.

Present professional reports:
The PC software allows you to download the reports / reviews and
  print them  or save them  in PDF or JPG format.

Share  with your doctor directly.

* Compatibility with: Windows 7/8/10.

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