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AUTOMATIC GEL DISPENSERS  DISINFECTANT           over the counter oa  floor lamp.

                                         A MADE in ITALY product  

Contactless Infrared Dispenser (NO TOUCH)

pole vesa 2.PNG
Ufficio con Dispenser da Banco.PNG

Became a regulatory obligation according to the directives of the Ministry of Health in the guidelines for the prevention of coronavirus  COVID-19, from  to use  obligatorily  during our daily life.


Dispenser  desk

The automatic no touch hand sanitizing gel dispenser ensures the highest level of hygiene: the infrared photocell detects the movement of the hand and then dispenses the gel, avoiding direct contact of the hands on the device.  

Easily cleanable, it guarantees sanitization and is recognized to be used for the reopening of activities as it complies with the prevention standard for COVID-19 .


Counter dispenser

The dispenser can be purchased in the counter format or on a stand , whose solidity and sturdiness of the steel structure guarantee stability in the support on the ground and durability over time.

Our models are easy to move, adjustable in height to easily adapt to your environment.

4 configurations are available:

auto da banco - misure.PNG
auto da banco - 2.PNG

Counter stand with vending machine

of gel

pole standard - Copia.PNG
pole misure.PNG

Standard stand with distributor
automatic gel

Floor lamp with automatic gel dispenser and tablet or sign holder (VESA 75/100)

pole vesa 2 - misure.PNG
pole vesa 2 - Copia.PNG
piantana webbit.png
pole porta guanti -misure.PNG

Floor lamp with automatic gel dispenser, tablet holder or sign (VESA)
and glove tray

For all models:

  • Power supply: DC 6V (x4 AA batteries) / Battery life 30,000 drops

  • Refilling:  Easy topping up from the top

  • Material:  Metal, 306 stainless steel, ABS plastic

  • Sensor detection distance:  10cm  (+/- 2) 

  • Drip tray under the dispenser

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