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Built-in security. The samaritan PAD 500P CPR Advisor uses the Impedance Cardiogram (ICG) to evaluate the effectiveness of CPR and provide information to rescuers about compressions : "Stronger compressions", "Faster compressions", "Slower compressions" or reassure them that they are doing “well done compressions”. 

Simplicity.  Easy-to-understand visual and voice commands guide the user throughout the process.

Compact and lightweight.  56% smaller than other AEDs on the market, weighing just 1.1 kg (2.4 lb).

Maximum level of protection from dust / humidity. The samaritan PAD boasts an IP56 protection index,

Advanced technology. The samaritan PAD 500P uses patented electrode technology, advanced and stable firmware, and proprietary SCOPE ™ * biphasic technology ( a waveform that self-adjusts to different patient impedances and low energy consumption) for rhythm evaluation and optimize the release of effective electrical shocks, as needed.

HeartSine's mission

Since its inception, HeartSine has been committed to designing  the best possible defibrillators  to respond to the specific needs of the public and the non-healthcare market. The portfolio of  patents  obtained from these life-saving devices validates every aspect of the innovative  HeartSine technology .

As a company, HeartSine has always been committed to providing up-to-date, intelligent and technologically advanced solutions for the assessment and prevention of  Sudden Cardiac Death (MCI) , by:

  • the expansion of the borders of the  medical research  through patented technologies that respond to clinical needs and meet the needs of the market with unsurpassed quality and reliability;

  • interaction with customers and suppliers at the highest level of  ethics and fairness;

  • the employment of employees with a  very high level of preparation and motivation  and promoting an optimal environment for them.

Thanks to this, HeartSine has come to produce  automated external defibrillators (AEDs)  clinically advanced and designed for use by lay rescuers in a variety of environmental conditions.

The scientific publications, patents and numerous quality certifications in the electronic, medical and safety fields obtained by  HeartSine defibrillators  they are testimony of their high quality.


Thanks to their robustness (they are the only defibrillators in the world with  IP56 protection rating ), HeartSine defibrillators have a  standard warranty of 10 years. This does nothing but make them even better from the point of view of assistance and maintenance.


Each PAD / Pak cartridge has a single expiration date. This allows to eliminate the need for inventory and schedule of two separate elements with a consequent one  reduction of maintenance costs. A PAD / Pak that lasts 4 years, in fact, has lower costs than those devices that need to replace the electrodes every 22/30 months and the battery every 4 or 5 years. The long life of the PAD / Pak and the standard warranty of the  HeartSine AED defibrillators therefore mean  cost containment during the operating life of the device.


HeartSine defends and indemnifies any natural or legal person who purchases, leases, uses or distributes its Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). It also indemnifies its authorized distributors against any third party claims, damages, liabilities or actions resulting from personal injury caused by any HeartSine defibrillator if and to the extent that the claim is based on:

  • failure of an AED to function or meet its operating specifications;

  • defects in design, material or manufacturing defects of the AED.

The fact that HeartSine provides such covers to all rescuers who use the device in accordance with its intended use, is a further confirmation of the quality of their products and the seriousness of the parent company itself. Not surprisingly, this compensation is often ignored by other AED defibrillator manufacturers.

HeartSine AEDs save those who buy them!

Indemnity policy

Maintenance program

The "ALL-INCLUSIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM", to be activated at the same time as the purchase of a HeartSine AED defibrillator from the samaritan® PAD range, allows the buyer to be relieved of any burden related to the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of his HeartSine defibrillator for 8 years .

Thanks to the patented HeartSine technology, which offers consumable components designed according to the real possibilities of use of the AED in the out-of-hospital setting, we offer  customers an all-inclusive maintenance program able to guarantee the perfect efficiency of the samaritan® PAD defibrillator for 8 years, thus exempting the purchaser from the legal maintenance responsibilities provided for by current legislation.

The "All-Inclusive" policy allows you to know in a clear and precise way the cost of ownership of a HeartSine defibrillator, as the buyer will only need to add the activation price of the "All-Inclusive" policy to the purchase price to immediately know the investment necessary to equip oneself with a HeartSine AED and keep it in perfect working order for 8 years, without having to foresee additional costs related to the subsequent purchase of the consumables necessary for the maintenance of the device.

Specifically, this assistance program includes:

  • reminder of the periodic expiry of consumables (PAD / Pak and Ped / Pak) and free sending of new components within 2 months from the expiry date;

  • free replacement of the consumable (PAD / Pak or Ped / Pak) used during an emergency intervention (cardiac arrest), upon sending within 72 hours of the event the ECG trace recorded by the AED and downloadable via USB cable and free Saver EVO software;

  • the free supply of a replacement device (forklift) in the event of a serious failure of the AED defibrillator;

  • telephone and / or remote terminal technical assistance for any need to update the AED software or download clinical data from the device.




x TE, the new wi-fi assistance and control program that makes your HeartSine® and Physio-Control® defibrillator even smarter,  guarantees the full functionality of the defibrillator with checks, maintenance, consumable changes, deadlines, relieving you of any responsibility for malfunctioning.

From today with the new program  x YOU will no longer have to worry about deadlines or any failures that could jeopardize the operation of your AEDs and therefore someone's life, as well as your civil or criminal liability.


Less worries, more safety and zero responsibility for you who have to manage one or more defibrillators.


Your samaritan® PAD defibrillator enters the future of wireless connectivity.

In fact, thanks to the original samaritan Gateway module, included in the program, AED managers will be able to manage a fleet of devices installed in one or more sites, remotely obtaining information on the status of each of them.

W hen integrated into a samaritan® PAD 350P, 360P or 500P, the samaritan Gateway communicates via Wi-Fi with the LIFELINKcentral platform (the only AED platform in the world currently certified as a Class 2A Medical Device), updating the result of the daily self-test , including the status of the battery and paddles and their expiry date.

Less worries, more safety and zero responsibility for you who have to manage one or more defibrillators.

The program, through the included samaritan Gateway module, allows the defibrillator to communicate autonomously with the assistance center, via Wi-Fi, monitoring its components 24 hours a day, warning in case of malfunction and, if necessary, activating an assistance signal.

What does the package include?

  1. Program activation x TE.

  2. HeartSine® Gateway module.

  3. 8 YEARS of 24/7 remote monitoring service guaranteed

  4. Other applicable services:

  5. Free scheduled delivery of the Pad-Pak before the deadline.

  6. Free scheduled delivery of Pad-Pak + Pediatric-Pak before expiration.

  7. Supply of a forklift defibrillator (samaritan® PAD 350P) in case of unavailability of the defibrillator in your possession due to failure or requisition by the police.

  8. 24/7 telephone assistance via a dedicated number.


Economic benefits

All AED defibrillators on the market, made with traditional technology and therefore not equipped with the patented HeartSine technology, require routine maintenance which involves replacing the pads (electrodes) every 24-30 months and the battery every 5-7 years. The average cost of these operations, for 8 years of life of the defibrillator, can vary from device to device from 300 euros to 600 euros + VAT and does not include extraordinary maintenance activities, i.e. those relating to the replacement of the electrodes after the use of the AED or the update of the defibrillator software following the modification of the international AHA / ERC guidelines that are issued every 5 years.

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