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Sleep Apnea Monitoring

wrist pulse oximeter WAVEwr



Features :

- Measurement of SpO2 and Pulse particularly accurate thanks to  ANTI MOTION TECHNOLOGY

- The screen turns off automatically during long duration recording to save energy and not disturb the patients.
- Comfortable wrist cuff for long-term monitoring
- Interchangeable and replaceable Adult and Pediatric Probes

- Smart probes with finger detection with automatic On / Off - Pulse width bar
- Audiovisual alarms configurable on SpO2 and Pulse Rate - Can also be used for Spot measurements

- Automatic shutdown when finger removed from sensor - Data saving

- Supplied complete with Software in Italian for Analysis and printing of the Report and USB cable.
- Runs on 2 AAA batteries with charge status indicator 

Rapid heart rhythm analysis

ECG MINI: Portable, result  in 30 seconds

ecg mini.PNG

For use in the doctor's office or at the patient's home.
The extreme ease of use also allows the patient to quickly record an ECG trace of 30 seconds at the time of the event and store it to show it to the doctor at the next visit.
Ideal for patients with potential cardiovascular problems such as hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart problems or who have palpitations, chest pain or discomfort

-  Compact  (Dimensions: 125mm x 70mm x 21.5mm)  and light (about 100 grams)
-  Measure directly from the electrodes on the device
-  Also supplied with 3-lead ECG cable
-  Use in the doctor's office or at home
- LCD-Color or backlit LCD display
- Quick ECG and Heart Rate (HR) measurement
- Analysis and reporting of 17 different types of rhythm anomalies

- Saving and possibility of reviewing up to 300 records
- Expandable memory with Memory card (up to 8GB)
- PC software for management, analysis, printing and transmission

   data (PC not included)

- Mode (Gain mode) with amplified ECG signal

- Automatic shutdown if no signal is detected 

- Uses 2 AAA batteries

- Low battery indicator 

NIBP non-invasive blood pressure cuffs

Compatible with all brands of both single-tube and double-tube devices with connectors of your choice.

Manufactured in the USA by the Statcorp company which also produces them on behalf of many other well-known manufacturers of equipment.

UltraCheck & SoftCheck NIBP cuffs 
Durable, snug, comfortable, precise and competitive

Available in two versions:

Reusable  UltraCheck
•     PVC / DEHP free 
•     Anti-microbial protection 
•     Impervious to fluids

Disposable / Single Patient  SoftCheck version
•     Soft fabric, prevents perspiration under the SoftCheck Vinyl cuff
•     Soft vinyl, comfortable and easy to clean 
•     Available in yellow for infection control

•     CE marked and registered with the CND and RDM (repertoire)
•     Compliant with AHA / AAMI standards 
•     Color code 
•     8 measurements for precise measurements 
•     Fixing with original "velcro"
•     Latex free 
•     More comfortable folded and non-welded fabric 
•     Availability of connectors that allow compatibility with major brands of monitors

bracciali e spremi.PNG

Squeezer  UNIFUSOR

Produced in the USA by Statcorp in the 500 ml, 1000 ml, and 3000 ml versions both in the Reusable and Single Patient versions.
To adjust the inflation pressure it is possible to choose between the aneroid classic and the piston with 360 degree visibility and safety overpressure relief valve.


Unifusor have been designed for rapid fluid infusions, invasive pressure monitoring circuits and autotransfusion procedures.

The squeezer are made of resistant white medical nylon (Disposable version) and ultra-resistant medical blue nylon (Reusable version), a high quality and resistant material that ensures excellent pressure and cleanliness.

Equipped with a certified and factory tested aneroid pressure gauge (Guaranteed +/- 2 mmHg 100% leak-free) on which to correctly display the operating pressure or the special piston pressure gauge for 360 degree viewing with overpressure relief valve safety.

Thanks to their transparency it is easy to read the type and level of fluids in the infusion bag.

Provided with fluid protection in case of rupture of the infusion bag.

The Unifusors are available with watertight tap and optionally classic aneroid or calibrated piston with high visibility (360 °) and with overpressure drain.




✔ CE MDD 93/42 EEC certified
✔ Registered in the Ministry of Medical Devices Repertory

della Sanita 'with N. 207183 / R

✔ CND Code: A030104
✔ Unifusor are Latex Free 

Detector  Personal Harmful Gases

They allow staff to work safely.

rilevatori gas.PNG

In the event of a high concentration of the analyzed gas, the detector will go into alarm by emitting an audible signal, vibrating and flashing.
You can choose between MonoGas or MultiGas detectors with an explosimeter.
You can choose from a wide range of gases, the most used in the emergency will be Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Oxygen (O2), Liquid Propane Gas (LPG), Methane etc ...

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