LABELKIT  Xpress Print
Medical label Printing System for OR, ICU, and Wards
“The easiest and safest way to label“


- Touch Screen for fast menu browsing to select drug, concentrations and infusion dosage  

- Choose from a Large selection of hundred of pre-printed labels divided in categories according to  International Recommendations Colour Coding (A.S.T.M. International D4774-94 - Standard DIVI) 

- Creation tool for new custom labels based on existing patterns, following the recommended colour coding. 

- Automatic print of Patient ID, Concentration, Infusion Dosage, Date, Hour and Operator ID on labels

- 2D Bar-code  for secure, fast and safe reading  by enabled devices

- Reduces mistakes during drug management 

- Prints and stores patient’s therapy

- History of labels printed, for  fast re-print  and tracking of  operations.

- According to the Joint Commission reccomendations

- Remote connection via wifi or ethernet 

- Cloud Networking

- Autocut of printed strips

- Printout strips are identified by an initial Patient Label to enhance safety and prevent errors.


- Compatible with B.Braun Space infusional systems 

- 2D Bar-code  for easy and safe infusion pumps setup. 

- Specific infusion mode  for easy management of Concentration and Therapeutic Dosage 

- Automatic calculation of concentration  based on dilution volume

- Warning Alert  for off-limit dosages or concentrations

- Unit of measure set independently for each drug


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