Fast and safe drug Labelling

According to recent statistics it has been proven that over 20% of accidents occurring in anesthesia are caused by the exchange of syringes.

For this reason, the Labelkit MCD system has been studied. Labelkit MCD is a system consisting of preprinted label dispensing cartridges for the identification of drugs contained in the syringes to be administered to patients.

The labels are cataloged according to an international standard color code proposed by the American Society of Testing and Materials, subcommitate D4774-94, which allows rapid identification according to the action of the drug itself. This color code has been adopted as standard by the major anesthesia companies (USA, Great Britain, France, Australia and Canada etc.).


This system guarantees increased safety in anesthesia at an irresistible cost.

Standardizing each operating room with a Labelkit MCD system reduces the risks associated with the exchange of syringes and therefore the risks associated with anesthesia.

In addition, a syringe identification system such as Labelkit MCD is required by certification bodies to accredit operating rooms and to obtain quality certificates.



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